Recovery time.

As you might have noticed, over the last week or so my blog has slowly been transformed language wise. I realize that since I have friends not only in Sweden, but in Denmark and the US as well, and being so happy about everyone that has shown interest in following me on this blog, I realize that I need to start writing so that everyone who has an interest in reading this blog has the chance to do so. Hence the switch into English. Some blogposts will double up in both Swedish and English (at least race reports), and some posts will likely contain both a Swedish and Englis version, but some shorter ones might just be in English being that I don’t think anyone I know won’t be able to follow along anyway.  Hopefully you will all still stop by from time to time to follow me on my journey…

A short update on the past few weeks then. After five weeks of tough training – including a second week at Playitas and finished of with a 4 day training weekend with 3City Triathlon – I managed to put in 85 hours of training in the last five weeks. Not bad! And the body has felt amazing all the way through. No signs of aches, pain or deterioration. The times on intervalls have kept improving and my long distant bike rides just felt better and better. In other words everything has been running smoothly to the point where I started to realize that this high can’t go on forever. This week is down-time week with only 5 hours of planned training in slow pace. And of course my body completely went on vacation from day one! I also think I managed to catch a virus last weekend because I had a headache from Sunday to Thursday, my throat was scratchy  and my body just felt heavy as lead. Running on Tuesday felt like running through a half meter of snow. Clearly something hasn’t been right. Somewhat frustrating I have to admit after 5 weeks of amazing training. However; if there was a good time to feel crap, this was the week for it, and today I’m feeling a lot better than I did a few days ago so hopefully I will be back and ready when the heavy training starts again on Monday. At least I didn’t get any full-blown cold that kept me in bed all week, which I’m thoroughly grateful for!

This weekend is spend at the summer house. The weather isn’t the best, but the light last night was amazing, and the peace and quiet does wonders for your soul!



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