About me


I was born in June 1983 in the Swedish city of Vänersborg. My parents are Danish of origin and most of my summer holidays were spend traveling around Denmark to visit relatives. My childhood definitely endorsed me with a sense of feeling “at home” in both countries – a feeling that I still carry with me today.

Growing up I was an active horse-loving girl who had my own pony from age 11-18 and most of my spare time was spend in the stable and on the horse. If I had any time over it was spend playing handball, figure skating or being active with my friends. I have always been very active as a child, though swimming, cycling or running was never pursued in any organized form. After finishing High School in 2002 I travelled through Asia for 3 months. I loved the mentality of Asian culture and have been a Buddhist at heart ever since. Coming home from travelling I decided to move to the US for an eighteen month period of time where I studied at Lansing Community College. Taking the opportunity to study philosophy, art history, religion and any other ”soft” subjects that I knew I would be missing when I embarked on my planned academic career in medicine, which had been my goal for as long as I could remember.

Eventually, I ended up at medical school in Copenhagen in the fall of 2004, where I remained for 7 years. In my spare time during medical school I was an avid visitor at the local boxing club. I loved the training and the sense of XXX (sammanhållning) in the club, and most of my best friends from university time were my training partners. Unfortunately I eventually ruined my knuckles, which forced me to quit the sport – it simply hurt too much hitting anything.

Finishing medical school meant taking the tough decision of staying in Denmark or moving back to Sweden. Having lost my training and hence my XXX, and missing my family, I eventually decided to move back to Sweden for my internship at the hospital close to where I grew up. I also decided that 7 years in a major capital was enough for me! I wanted to get back to nature and a smaller town again!

In 2013 I started running and going to the gym – mostly for fun, but I also signed up for Göteborgsvarvet (the worlds biggest half marathon which is held in Gothenburg) and Stockholm marathon for the following year. My aim was to get through the races, which I did – even though the times were less impressive.  During the spring of 2014 I also bought my road bike on a whim, deciding I wanted to give cycling a try. In another whim I also signed up for a sprint triathlon later that summer, having no triathlon specific training what so ever. After the first competition I was stuck. I just loved the sport from day one – and that love has just grown each day since then! Within a month of the competition I had bought a used wet suit, purchased a tri bike, and signed up for both IM 70.3 Kronborg and IM Copenhagen for the following year. It is so typical of me to throw caution to the wind and just invest all my time, money and heart once I decide that there is something I really want to do. But I also knew that I had the discipline and stubbornness to finish what I started. The training I planned on my own – sometimes putting in some training with my awesome triathlon club 3 City Triathlon. The goal was to get through the races the first time, and time was secondary, which meant that I did almost all my training in slow distance pace to build stamina (not much speed training for sure). I also had to learn how to swim free style (had never done that before) and feel comfortable on my tri bike. It was a fantastic feeling crossing the finish line of both my races in 2015 – and of course it made me even more determined to fully pursue triathlon to see just how good I can get. Since October 2015 I therefore approach the sport with a much more goal oriented and focused mind – but with the same joy and love of the sport at heart! Together with my coach (Magnus Johansson at MJ coaching) I am working towards my goal of enhancing my performance to become the best triathlete I can possibly be. Only time will show where the journey ends – but of course the goal is set on Hawaii and beyond…

Fun Facts

Full name:  Mie Østergaard Pedersen
June 24 1983
3 City Triathlon 
Magnus Johansson
169 cm
56 kg
Favorite session:
Stubborn, dedicated, mentally strong, introversion 
 Pepsi Max


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My life as an aspiring triathlete

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